Frequently Asked Questions

Q: 10 DOs and 10 DON'Ts for all contact lens wearers

10 Dos :

Do wash your hands before handling your contact lenses.

Do clean your contact lenses using the recommended contact lens solution.

Do clean your contact lenses according to your eyecare practitioner instruction.

Do follow strictly to the lens care instruction provided by the manufacturer. If in doubt, consult your eyecare practitioner.

Do use unexpired solution to clean your contact lenses.

Do store all your contact lens solution and lens case in the dry area.

Do clean and dry your contact lens case everyday.

Do change your contact lens case every 3 months.

Do remove your contact lenses if you experience any wearing discomfort. Consult your eyecare practitioner if the problem persists or recurs.

Do get a proper eye check or consultation at least every 6 months or according to the schedule recommended by your eyecare practitioner.


10 DON'Ts  :

Don't wear your contact lenses longer than what is recommended by your eyecare practitioner.

Don't use non-sterile solution such as tap water, mineral water or saliva to rinse, clean or store your contact lenses.

Don't use saline to soak your contact lenses.

Don't reuse any lens care solution.

Don't store your lens care solution and lens case in the toilet.

Don't wear your contact lenses if you are not feeling well ( eg flu, fever or feeling ill ).

Don't wear contact lenses if you feel discomfort or pain upon lens insertion (remove your contact lenses and consult your eyecare practitioner immediately).

Don't wear your contact lenses to sleep unless recommended by your eyecare practitioner.

Don't purchase your contact lenses without a proper eye check.

Don't swim while wearing your contact lenses.



Products available on this website is solely for informative purposes to viewers and is not to be replaced with the ocular health management given by your optometrist. You must be 18 years and above and is already an existing contact lens user which is managed by an optometrist where you have regular eye examinations and comply with advice given to you by the optometrist regarding contact lens usage. If you do experience any unpleasant symptoms such as pain, discomfort, foreign body sensation, burning or stinging sensation, sensitivity to light or redness; discontinuation of contact lens is advised and an immediate consultation of your optometrist or ophthalmologist is preferred. It is required of you to obtain a valid prescription by your optometrist before you make an order through this website.